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Kelly Road

This project is owned by Mercer County located in Sharpsville Borough, Mercer County.

This project is a complete design build to replace two existing structures with one single-span steel girder bridge. The original structures consist of a deteriorated single lane thru truss and a two-span steel girder bridge crossing the Shenango River. This two and half year project required one year for design of all aspects of work and one and a half years to complete construction. Using high strength steel, the new single-span bridge is 196 feet long sitting on integral abutments. Other aspects of the project include drainage, sidewalks, ADA ramps, driveways, and roadway replacement.

Being built in the 1890’s, the thru truss is considered a piece of history. Part of this project includes removing the portal end sections of the truss, sandblasting and painting them, and re-erecting them in a nearby park. The piece is incorporated into the Erie Canal walking trail in Sharpsville.

This project is expected to be complete in May of 2023.

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