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The company was founded in 1946 as a sole proprietorship by Thomas A. Mekis headquartered in the kitchen of the family farm located in Butler County, PA.  In 1952 the headquarters were moved to Erie, PA.  Sons Ray H. and Thomas B. Mekis joined their father's company in 1950’s.

The company was incorporated in 1963 as Thomas A. Mekis and Sons, Inc.  The headquarters were subsequently moved back to Butler County in 1972.  Upon the death of Thomas A. Mekis in 1981, a civil engineering scholarship fund was established at Penn State by his two sons, in his memory.  The control of the company then passed to his two sons.  Ray Mekis became President and Chairman, and Thomas B. Mekis became Vice President.

Starting in 1985, when 1,000 shares of Class B stock were initially distributed, the ownership of the company has gradually passed to an employee management group of about 12 that now operate the company.  

In 1991 Kenneth L. Wolf was elected President.  Ray Mekis remained Chairman.  In 2002 Thomas B. Mekis retired as Vice President of the Company after 43 years of service.  With the retirement of Tom Mekis, the name of the Company was change to Mekis Construction Corporation.  Ray Mekis remained as Chairman and Ken Wolf as President.

In 2012, as the Company took the next step in the continuity plan, Anthony J. Bertolino was elected President/Treasurer, Ken Wolf became Chairman/CEO, and Ray Mekis was Chairman Emeritus.  Craig A. Snatchko remained as Vice President of Operations, and Steven J. Reed was elected as Corporate Secretary.

2016 marked the 70th Anniversary of the Company.

In 2020 with the announcement of Craig Snatchko retiring at the end of the year, the final step in the ongoing continuity plan was completed.  Steve Reed was elected as President/CEO, Ken Wolf remained as Chairman, Tyler L. Caldwell became Vice President of Operations, Anthony Bertolino remained as Secretary/Treasurer.  Ray Mekis remained as Chairman Emeritus until his passing in May 2020.  

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