About Us

Mekis Construction Corporation is a well-established and respected general and specialty contractor in the bridge and highway industry.  Head quartered in Butler County, PA it operates as a union contractor in the 33 counties of Western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

With a current annual volume of  $15-$20 million, Mekis’ clients include PennDot, New York DOT, West Virginia DOT, and over 15 other public and private entities.  Mekis has successfully preformed over 239 hard-bid, negotiated, and force account contracts including design build, alternate design, and value engineering projects.



The company was founded in 1946 as a sole proprietorship by Thomas A. Mekis headquartered in the kitchen of the family farm located in Butler County, PA.  In 1952 the headquarters were moved to Erie, PA.  Sons Ray H. and Thomas B. Mekis joined their fathers company in 1950’s.

The company was incorporated in 1963 as Thomas A. Mekis and Sons, Inc.  The headquarters were subsequently moved back to Butler County in 1972.  Upon the death of Thomas A. Mekis in 1981, a civil engineering scholarship fund was established at Penn State by his two sons, in his memory.  The control of the company then passed to his two sons.  Ray Mekis became President and Chairman, and Thomas B. Mekis became Vice President.

Starting 1985, when 1,000 shares of Class B stock were initially distributed, the ownership of the company has gradually passed to an employee management group of about 12 that now operate the company.  In 1991, Ken Wolf was elected president.

With the retirement of Thomas B. Mekis in 2002, the company name was changed to Mekis Construction Corporation.  2006 marked the 60th anniversary of the company.



Mekis Construction Corporation
1595 US-422 East
Fenelton, PA 16034

Telephone:       724 283 6200
FAX:                 724 283 1067
E-mail: info@mekisconstruction.com



  • The largest job in dollars was Elk Creek 2005-07, $17.3 million.
  • The largest job in man-hours was Dubois 1988-89, 159,000 man-hours.
  • The most man-hours of work put in place in one year were 159,962 hours in 1989.
  • The largest job in cubic yards of concrete was Tyrone 1972-74, 14,000 cubic yards.
  • The highest pier was Maple Creek, 1997-99, 180 feet.
  • The largest deck pour in one day was Ft. Duquesne 1983-84, 600 cubic yards.
  • The longest culvert was Bigler 1976, 570 lineal feet.
  • The longest bridge was Tyrone 1972-74, 1,170 feet.
  • There were seven bridges built across the Allegheny River, Port Allegany 1982, Franklin 1985-86, Eldred 1986, Glade (Warren) 1987, Oil City 1994-95, Kennerdell 2002, and West Hickory 2006-07.
  • The longest pre-stressed beam ever set was 144 feet long and weighed 98 ton on Washington Street, Johnston 1994.
  • The largest Road Excavation job had 360,000 cubic yards Class 1 Excavation, Russell Job 1958-59.  15 shifts were worked in March without a rainout.
  • Job 90, Union City, 1985 was the first Design/Build job in Pennsylvania.
  • Job 136, Wolf Creek, 1993 was the first Partnering job in Pennsylvania.
  • Job 207, Waldameer Park, 2006-07 was the construction of a bridge and piers for a roller coaster.
  • A total of 3 Design/Build projects have been built.
  • A total of 7 Bridges have been Value Engineered.
  • A total of 8 Alternate Structures have been built.